Hey everyone!

Hiya everyone. Been reading the forums and alot of info here! I just bought my first VFT today. Currently, it has 6 traps. All look healthy.

     Only thing is that all but 2 are closed. I tryed feeding it an ant and it shut, but the ant crawled out. (That was before i read about not feeding small bugs and stuff) So now, all my traps are closed.

     The only reason i was curious was because the store that i bought it from, it was in a taped shut container. I dont think that it was able to feed on any bugs in the store, nor did store feed them. Also, the store was a very dark store.

      So, my question is, will all of the traps open up eventually? Or did i buy a broken plant  
(only kidding)

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Hi Myke66.. Welcome to the Forums...

Not to worry.. the traps will reopen in a day or 2 if there is no prey inside. Also, VFTS do not "need" to catch bugs to live. VFTs produce food through photosynthesis just like any other plant. Insects are merely a dietary supplament, so dont worry if your plant doesnt get any bugs.

Good luck with your plant
Welcome, welcome.

As VFT said they do not need to consume bugs, but they do need light and good water (distilled, rain or reverse is good).  Supply some love and light and I am sure you will do fine.
Hey Myke66,

I'm glad you have gotten started on CPs! If you haven't already found this site, it's worth checking out if you want more VFT info. FAQ