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hey peeps

New to the forum, I was recommended here by someone who I pm'ed on the forum Orchidboard. I am an orchid hobbyist and I have been growing orchids as a hobby since the age of 14. I have just recently started to become fascinated by carnivorous plants, and i hope to lean more about them as time goes on. Currently I am a student at the University of Arizona studying Plant Science.
Welcome aboard - You're definitely in the right place! Lots of good CP info here - any idea which groups strike your fancy?

There's also a decent number of crossover orchid growers hanging about. :-D
Welcome to TerraForums! :welcome:
Welcome to the forums! I'm working on a similar degree at PSU. It's nice to cross-over from formal studies to the hobby every now and then. Helps to put things into perspective.
Yay! New member! There are a lot of generous and kind people on this forum. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Hope these guys including me gave you a warm welcome.
Welcome to TF!
Rinzo! You made it! Welcome to TF!
Welcome to TF :)
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Welcome to TF!
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