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Hi from Adelaide, Australia

May 9, 2021
I hope I'm posting this correctly and to the right place, lol. A big Hello to all the CP lovers here! I've always been interested in CP's since infancy, but never really had a suitable house until we built. I suddenly realised that I could make a little bog garden outside - never mind we have little to no humidity . So I made a bog garden in a big pot outside for sarracenia and flytraps... I need to add drosera, but honestly it's hard to get things here, everything sells out in moments or has crippling shipping. So then I realised that my humidifier and temps for the indoor plants was suitable for some nepenthes and acquired a ventricosa and also a small dose of 'the bug'. What started out as gnat control has become a 'thing' and much to my husband's disgust (he doesn't like them, which I find is unusual for a man), I have acquired a couple more. My latest is an N. sanginea, which I have named "Admiral Ackbar" and if you know why, "hail fellow, well met!" I have a gentlemen who brings me distilled water to refill my 100 litre supply whenever necessary - a lot more often in the summer. We have negligible rain for 9 months of the year. I have to keep my sarracenias protected from the worst of the UV and dry winds - otherwise they shrivel up so fast! The various flytraps seem to weather better - being much closer to the humidity source. I wish you all a lovely day and many new CPs to love.


Jan 28, 2021
Good to have you here. Welcome. I love to hear the story of how "you two met" -that's you and your CP obsession. 😄