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Hi all,

I've been into carnivorous plants for a long time and always wanted to grow nepenthes but didn't think it would be realistic since Davis is practically a desert. Last summer I got a 60 or so gallon terrarium at the thrift store and grow lights and started growing some nepenthes, a drosera, a pinguicula, and a few bromeliads in it. I also turned a smaller terrarium into a cephalotus grow chamber a couple weeks ago. They both could be improved a bit but they seem to keep the plants happy.

This site has been an amazing resource and I have found tons of helpful information that helped me very much when I was creating my setup so I figured it was about time to join.
Glad you found the site helpful and decided to join! Would love to see what you have going on :)
Good to have you here!
I'm not too far from you up the hill a bit. 12-16% humidity days is pretty much the desert!! The crew in chat has been a great help to get me growing Neps. Jump in chat sometime.
Hi LV_, small world! I'm a (mostly) Nepenthes grower in Davis too, currently going to school for plant sciences. Welcome!
Thanks everyone! Haha Clue I'm even transferring to UCD in fall 2018 for the same major