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Hi there, newbie here from Colorado!

Hey everyone! I'm a 29 yo dude from Colorado.

I've been interested in CPs for about a year now, and started with a rescued VFT from Home Depot. It went into dormancy (I hope), and I'm waiting to see if it's still alive. I just planted some drosera capensis alba seeds a few weeks back, which have sprouted their first tiny carnivorous leaves.

My other interests include raising wild silk moths (I've got two hyalophora cecropia cocoons that will soon emerge this spring/early summer; also raised antheraea polyphemus before); learning web and software development, guitar, and Esperanto. I'm passionate about queer and trans history/culture, and intersectional feminist theory.

Nice to meet you all :)
Welcome to TF! :welcome: Lots of us have rescued plants from 'death cubes' at home stores. A good species to begin with and the D. capensis as well. Growing plants from seed can be very rewarding.
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Thanks for the welcome blue! I just peeked into my D. capensis pots this morning and some are already working on their second carniverous leaf! :boogie:
D. capensis is the best to start with. I used to give away cuttings all the time, but then I lost my 2 big plants . . . haven't had any in about a year or 2, but I just planted some seeds. :D
I've raised many different inverts over the years, do you breed your moths? Enjoy the forum! :D
I haven't bred successfully before, but if I can get my two females to call in wild cecropias, perhaps I'll get some eggs! Fingers crossed.

I just bought an unknown ping from a local nursery today, so I'm off to read and see if I can figure out an ID.