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Hitchhiker utric

I got a few sundews today and upon inspection when I got home I noticed that there is some kind of utric growing in the pot too! It has very thin 1" hairlike stolons creeping across the surface and very thin strands with very tiny bladders under the peat. There's no flowers on it yet, it's just a 1" section of the peat which has it.

I assumed it may be U. subulata as many people say it's a "pest" and shows up everywhere but I couldn't find any photos of the U. subulata stolons, just the yellow flowers.

Also are light fertilizers (as used for nepenthes) bad for utrics?

Thanks for any thoughts!
i got some hitch hiker utrics and they are tiny. the leaves are half a centimeter long and almost grass like in appearance. i was suggested that it wasubulata, but i heard subulata produces very fine powdery yellow seeds, much like an orchids. but the seeds of what i have are black oblong seeds. i guess ill just have to wait till it flowers again to see what it be! good luck identifying yours swords!!

Probably is subulata. Could be U. bisquamata too. Most of the common utric species don't have really fine leaves.
I'd guess U. subulata as well. If I recall you are growing some other Utrics as well and if that is the case I recommend you keep this mystery Utric as far away from them as possible because if it is subulata it could easily spread and strangle out your others.

oooh..ok. i will definitely keep it away from my other plants!! i hope its not subulata. im hoping its bisquamata..i wanted some bisquamata anyway, so im just hopin..lol. thanx guys!

There's no flowers so far, just those very fine hairlike stolons I will keep it segregated from my others, thanks for the tip! it's planted in what looks to be pure sphagnum peat I want to repot it into it's own container should I use the same or LFS or peat/sand or...?

Terrestrial grow in just about anything. I am growing mine in a 1:1 peat sand mix with a little milled sphag added
I have recived many hitch hikers and most turned up to be bisquamata. Seeds were like pepper, but the flowers proved ID.