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How can i grow more VFT\'s?

Feb 1, 2002
South Florida
hey, when my VFT grows along bigger and gets maturer, do they produce seeds so i can pick them and plant in a new pot to grow more>? i read somewhere here, http://www.ct.net/~crvny/sa03005.html , that you cut a stem off with the bulb and plant it in a pot and it starts to grow?? i dont think this is how but if there is a way i would like to find out! thanks!



Hey Stefano

You can try to get seed and have it sprout...but it takes upwards of 5 years to produce an adult plant.

Your other option is better.

What you do is GENTLY pull a leave off ( actually downwards ). You want to get the 'white tissue' that is part of the bulb/rhyzome. The you plant it, keep it very humid and not too much light. In 6-8weeks you should see little plants grow from the base of the leaf. GENTLY pull those apart and plant. You have now increased your VFT population by 3-6 plants ( depends on how many are produced ).

That is the simple way to do it.

When you think you are ready....write me and I will give you more detail.
Jan 7, 2002
At what stage of the VFT life cycle should you do this?? just after dormancy, just before dormancy or in the middle??

Also how long would it take to turn into a plant that is 4cm wide??