How do re-pot my VFT?

How do I repot my VFT? I heard that re-potting them kills them, but I just want to put it in a better mixture than just soil and a bit of Moss.
Sorry if this has been asked before, I'm new here you see.
Repotting probably will not kill your VFT... it will send it into shock though. The severity of the shock pretty much depends on how much (or little) you disturb the root system. If you are very careful and cause minimal damage to the roots the setback will be minor.
It's better to wait until late winter before the plant comes out of dormancy. Otherwise you take a risk that your VFT won't produce good growth till next spring.
Whats the minor?
Thanks for the info, I will probably wait until the one that has got sunburn to decide to grow healthy traps. It is currently growing 4 at the moment, all growing really long leaves for some reason.
Long leaves that are growing up then out are summer leaves. Means your plant is healthy and happy this season!
Thnaks, but thing is... my VFT with the sunburn looks soooo unhappy. The leaves grow up quite high, but then lower and grow long and out the pot. This VFT needs to be left alone for a while me thinks.