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How exactly to propagate U. sandersonii?

Hello! My apologies if this is a dumb question, but I was interested in propagating my sandersonii into a teacup. I've read that I just separate a part of it, but I'm unsure how to do that without damaging the main plant? It seems so delicate and I don't want to kill it. Thanks in advance.
It's pretty simple. I usually wait until they carpet the entire surface of the pot then I take a sharp knife and cut a square out of it. The flowers and individual stolons are delicate but they don't matter too much. They'll regrow from broken stolons on the surface and the underground growth.
Yeah you just pull a chunk of soil out of the pot with some of the plant in it and stick it somewhere else. We generally call those Utricularia "plugs." The more plant material you have in your plug, the more quickly it will become established in the new pot.
It should do pretty easily just to divide it. I recently cleaned out an overgrown Nepenthes terrarium and pulled out a small old pot of nasty rotten peat that had maybe sat that way hidden under live moss for several years. There was only a couple stolons left of U. sandersonii in it with no leaves. I put the two strands in new peat and buried them slightly with just a bit of stolon poking out. Already after about 2 weeks I've got a handful of new leaves coming up. It's definitely a hardy bugger!