How long before bulbs start showing growth.

I have two vft green dragon bulbs that I planted about 5 days ago and theres still no sprouts. Im afraid it might of been might fault. On one of the plants I snapped 1/5 of the root by pulling it out of the soil for a secnod attempt on geting the root straight down. My other bulb I planted perfectly though. None of them are showing any growth. Anyone know how long I have to wait. Are they already dead? Please tell me its not. I spent 25 bucks one 3 plants. And just one is alive.


As long as the ends of the leaves which were trimmed arent shrivelled or turning black or brown they should be ok.

You should be seeing signs of life pretty soon I would imagine. It's been a while since I've boughten bulbs so Im not exactly sure how long it takes.
Just be patient and as I said if the leaves are still green then everything is fine.
####, the ends are turning black. The caresheet that came with the plant said there was a 10% change that it might not live. I got some bad luck.


Making sure that they are in peat moss/ perlite or sand ( silica ) is 1st on the list.

2nd, if you bought something, anything that is bareroot, it will suffer great shock when transplanted, more so if the roots have been handled ( or broken ).

The best things that you can do for the plant is;

1) good lighting
2) keep moist

Sometimes they will take some time b4 they grow out. And like mentioned above, if the roots are messed with ( or bareroot ) the plant will be in shock. So it will just take some time.

The black you are seeing is more than likely the result of the shock that it has been through. It should survive.

If you bought the plants and they were cut back, meaning no leaves/traps on them, it will take a little longer.

I have seen it take 1-2 months to become a full plant.

Also, making sure that you haven't buried the whole plant ( like you would the ones in your yard. You want to make sure that the middle of the plant, where the new leaves come from it not covered with dirt. This will sometimes cause rotting. You want the white fleshy part right below the soil level....not further.

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