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how rare are these?

what are the possibilities of getting any of these?

drosera glabripes

drosera ramentacea

drosera esterhuyseniae
glabripes i saw for sale from a vendor not too long ago--has a reputation of being difficult to grow, which is ironic because it is plentiful in the wild.
ramentacea is rarely offered by vendors in the US. i saw it for sale last year, once.
esterhuyseniae, i have never seen anyone selling this plant vendorwise, best to be attained through private growers....

best of luck.
Be aware that D. glabripes for sale by vendors in the US is most likely D. × corinthiaca a natural hybrid of D. aliciae and D. glabripes. It may look similar to juvenile D. glabripes in some aspects but is quite different. A well known nursery overseas sells these mislabeled as D. glabripes and that's where vendors in the US get them from.

Both D. glabripes and D. × corinthiaca are difficult to grow long term. I've never been able to keep D. glabripes going for more than 3.5 years. Very difficult to get them to flower too. And just as difficult to propagate from cuttings. You probably have to wait until someone collects seed from the wild and it makes the rounds again.

D. ramentacea is probably the least rare of these.

D. esterhuyseniae - I saw seed for these in one of the seedbanks but is long gone but someone must have them.
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What is ramentacea anyway? I'm very curious about this one.