How to repot?

Like how will you make the soil. I have Sphagnum and Perlite. Do I put perlite at the bottom(half) and then the other half Sphagnum at the top. Or just the opposite. Please tell me...Thanks.
i just did this today. you want to actually mix up the soil in a separate container, 40% pearlite to 60% shultz spagnum peat moss. then add in some distilled water and mix it all up.

you can use the "search" function at the top of the page for more info. try searching for "transplanting" or "repotting".

also, do you plan on using the existing soil, or using all new soil when you repot? if you not going to use the old soil, mix up some superthrive (10 drops to a gallon of water) and soak the bare root in this solution for 30 minutes before repoting it. this is supposed to help keep your vft from going into shock. i just read that today in "the savage garden". wish i would have known ths morning...