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May 3, 2012
I'm a returning CP enthusiast trying to get back into the hobby. Luckily, Memphis is a great city to grow Sarrs and other temperate CPs. I look forward to reading and learning the vast amounts of information that you vet growers generously post on these forums. I also got back into the hobby just in time for the yearly auction, so I was able to get new drosera from Tacks and kulamauiman.

I do have one quick question though. I received some Sarrs in early April that were still in dormancy. Today, they still have not grown any new pitchers or flowered as they typically start the new growing season. They were shipped with the old pitchers cut back to the green nubs. I have them all planted with the rhizomes partially above the dried lfs media that I have them in. Is it normal for them to not have begun to flower or pitcher? The three I am referring to are a Dana's Delight, S. Minor, and a leucophylla "Titan".