Howdy to y\'all...

...from Ft. Worth Texas!  I've developed a sudden interest as of late to VFTs - bought one at a hardware store recently and have 2 Red Dragons on order from this site.  I've been lurking these forums and other related web sites enough to know about proper watering ( the instructions on my plant said nothing about distilled water - tsk tsk), lighting, temperatures, and feeding ( the woman at the store tried to sell me ground fish fertilizer!).

The plant in my window seems to be planted in pure shredded spaghum moss.  I've never tended plants with the exception of a  Philodendron.  Y'all think I should repot now with a 50/50 peatmoss/perlite mixture?

Also - what's the general consensus on misting a VFT and how often should it be done?


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Pure sphag works fine for most CPs so you probably don't need to re-pot. As to misting, it really depends. If your humidity is low you might want to consider doing it a couple times a day. If your humidity is high then there isn't really a need to mist.



Hey Bocster
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If it is a very recently bought plant I would suggest flushing it with distilled water just to make sure that its safe from all of those wonderful things we put in our water these days. If you've had it a while and it is fine though I wouldn't worry about it too much though.
The moss should give off enough humidity for the plant but spraying it wont hurt a bit.
Oh and stay away from the the lady at that store! I think she is out to kill your plant.