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Hi there!
please check my long wish list. I look for many other plants if you have any interesting species please let me know. Seeds and plants welcome!

# Drosera "Nova"
# Drosera "Shibata"
# Drosera "Zambiana"
# Drosera amazonica
# Drosera arenicola
# Drosera brevicornis
# Drosera browniana
# Drosera bulbosa
# Drosera camporupestris
# Drosera cendeensis
# Drosera elongata
# Drosera ericgreenii
# Drosera erythrorhiza subsp. squamosa
# Drosera esmeraldae
# Drosera esterhuyseniae
# Drosera flexicaulis
# Drosera grantsaui
# Drosera linearis
# Drosera lowriei
# Drosera macrophylla
# Drosera montana var. schwackei
# Drosera orbiculata
# Drosera pauciflora
# Drosera roraimae
# Drosera schmutzii
# Drosera solaris
# Drosera stenopetala
# Drosera tentaculata
# Drosera tubaestylis
# Drosera uniflora
# Drosera viridis
# Drosera zeyheri
# Drosera zonaria
# Heliamphora subsp. 'Tequila'
# Nepenthes 'Mizuho'
# Nepenthes bongso
# Nepenthes campanulata
# Nepenthes edwardsiana
# Nepenthes flava
# Nepenthes lingulata
# Nepenthes muluensis × lowii
# Nepenthes ovata
# Nepenthes truncata × hamata (Nepenthes 'Predator')
# Pinguicula albida
# Pinguicula filifolia
# Sarracenia 'Imhotep'
# Utricularia arnhemica
# Utricularia dunlopii
# Utricularia capilliflora
# Utricularia leptorhyncha
# Utricularia menziesii
You got a setup for tuberous Drosera? It is a bit too late in the year to acquire them (unless you buy from CC, but their for-sale tuberous 'dews are in weird media), but if you have a good setup and are confident you can grow them, I know someone who always has extra tuberous to sell when summer comes around, and I may have a few extra tubers of menziesii myself.

Also, if you find anyone who owns D. amazonica, be sure to hit me up! :lol:
It's a bummer you weren't on FTC a few months ago, we organized a group order a few months ago and got some of those species you have on your list (of course, I'm not sure if you are in the U.S., which you would needed to have been if you were to join the group order).
Oh thank you very much ... I just checked what I already have on my old wish list, deleted it and that is all. Next time I will check all the names. I promise my friend :p
Well my friend, If you want to have something in your life you must be faster than sellers sale list and mainly demand, so its not late but soon;) I know someone who grow amazonica , but only the one and he has no seeds for years and he prefer to sell it to grower or better - seller. He did it and surprise! the seller killed the plant. He did not realize how rare species amazonica is.
By the way what do you mean by "weird media"?
No I am from EU.
Just FYI Drosera "Nova" is not a real plant. Barry Rice found two different species of tuberous sundew growing pretty much on top of eachother and joked that it was a new species.