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Humidifier with Humidistat?


Getting There...
Sep 29, 2008
Madison, WI USA
Not too in-depth of a question. I've put off for way too long giving some of my plants a preferred increased humidity (specifically some neps, orchids, ceph and such). I am just wondering if anyone could recommend a model that would be good for a small grow rack. Optimally, it would have a built in humidistat so I could just set it to a humidity level and leave it be.

Anyone have somehting liek this or suggestions on how to easily achieve it?



I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Jul 12, 2001
Tucson, Arizona USA
Things may have changed, but I never had much luck finding humidifiers with built in humidistats. It seemed the easier option, for me, was to go with an external controller and then I could use whatever humidifier I wanted. There are of course the cool mist, which work fine but depending on how much room there is they can cause wet spots. Then there are the wicking style where it has a (usually round) pad that sits in the water wicking water up to keep it wet and a fan pulls air through it. My preferred small area humidifier style was a recirculating one. Where it used a pump to pump water on top a pad and then air was pulled through. My original one actually had a humidistat built in, but I was helping someone look for one years ago and never found anything similar.
Anyway, on controllers the ones I've been using for about 20 years was Titan Controls models. I use the EOS2 Titan Controls® Eos® 2 - Digital Humidity Controller | Titan Controls with a Titan controls hercules 3 https://www.amazon.com/Titan-Controls-Expander-Module-Single/dp/B01G0PWG7S which gives 15a control (EOS2 is 10a). I use this to run a 1000psi fogging unit at certain times on the night to give a boost. Smart socket powers on and if the humidity is below the set point it will run. It will continue to run until the set point is reached or the outlet is set to turn off. My other humidifier is on all day and runs a centrifuge style humidifier. It's controlled by the EOS1 Titan Controls EOS 1 -- Humidity Controller direct from Growers House more basic and build in higher amps but my 1000psi fogger would burn the contact together when turning on and off all day (the fogger is a long run time motor and didn't like the constant on and offs).
Anyway, they're kinda pricey, I'm sure there are other options if you want to explore this. I do have an extra eos1 in the box that I tried before picking up the hercules 3 module so minimal usage if you're interested in going extreme. lol
Aug 4, 2008
One thing to watch out for with a built in humidistat is that they're usually not designed to operate in a very humid space, like a grow enclosure. It's pretty easy for the humidistat to waterlog and give false high readings.