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Humidity controller


Just a quick poll/questions about what humidity controller you use in your terrarium and experiences about it. I currently use Lucky Reptile Humidity Control II. I've had it for about 5 years now and never questioned whether it's accurate or not. Recently I started measuring the inside humidity of my terrarium with an accurate RH meter. I found out that the HC II displays too high a humidity of about 10-15 %RH! So when I've set it to 80-85 %RH the real humidity is 65-70 %RH which is too low.

In the terrarium (all nepenthes lowland) the humidity is set to be at 80-90 %RH at all times and I have an ultrasonic humidifier to keep it up. Maybe it's broken, but I don't want to buy a new one as it costs at least 60 eur (or 80 eur in a local shop). Of course a solution is to set the controller to 90-95 %RH so the real one is within acceptable range... But then the display is incorrect. Any experiences about this or any other controller that suits high-humidity environments?


I have been using Zoomed's Hygrotherm for 2years now and it works great. Controls humidity and heating/cooling and has a built in night drop feature. It is a little confusing at first to set but once you figure it out its simple.
^ I use the same and it works like a charm. I like it a lot because once you set it, it remembers your settings. In the event of a power outage you're covered! The thing I really don't like is there's no programmable humidity increase/decrease at night. Other than that it's great :D
Hmm, the hygrotherm is even more expensive. Currently it's on "sale" in the local shop at 95 eur ($125!), normally about 120 eur ($157). I see from ebay it's much cheaper... And it has the temp controller too which I may need in the future. Does it really display only 95 %RH maximum? The HC II is good because it controls all the way up to 99 %RH (display up to 100 %RH). And it has separate day/night settings + a timer.
I've ordered a new sensor module (HTF3226LF) from ebay for the HC 2. I'll update this thread when I get the new sensor and whether is resolves the issue.