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Jun 6, 2002
Ok, I am new here, in fact I have been a CP grower for a week! Last week I bought some seeds for a sundew but today I bought my first grown VFT. It was in a garden center and lots of people had closed the traps by putting a bunch of dirt and leaves in them.
Now I have done my research and i know that the trap will only fully close if there is movement in the trap AFTER it has closed for the first time before it releases acid. I want to know how long they will take to re-open. Also will these artificially closed traps damage the plant?
Also for it's first meal, I fed it a worm about a 1/2 inch long, it is eating it and i want to know how long it will take for the trap to reopen after a meal.
Thanks for helping a newbie!
Jun 5, 2002
United Kingdom Baby!
When it is artificially closed, it should open over night, but if it has something in it which is alive (soon to be dead) will open in about a week - 2 weeks.

Hope I helped
Apr 5, 2002
Los Angeles, CA
Hey James,

Welcome to the forums!
Your VFT traps will reopen between a few hours and a day or two. Traps can open and close a certain amount of times, 3-6 I believe. After that the trap will not close, but will stay open and act like a regular leaf soaking up light. Since traps don't need to be fed often, it's okay if you don't have a chance to feed it until new traps develop and open.

Worms are generally good VFT food, remember to give it a piece that's approx 3/4 the size of the trap - if the trap can't close completely the food may rot and mold the trap later on.

I'm not an expert on digestion - I've noticed the time it takes depends on what kind of bug it gets, how large the bug is, and how healthy the VFT is. Mine usually take 4 days - 2 weeks to digest.

Have fun!