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I do love GF Equobia !!!

I finally was able to grab one pot of it.

The Plant arrived pretty fine, beautiful, and minuscule.
2022-03-22 at 11.12.07 AM.jpeg

Then some days later I was observing its particular way of deploying its "necked" traps,
( a long and twisting process: neck-corkscrewing them instead of a straight-up movement )
and took this picture <left> where I could show all the phases and compare it to a normal Dionea <Right>

2022-03-24 18.04.18 - 2 (small).jpg2022-03-24 19.36.40- 2 (Small).jpg

After taking that picture using Macro still exploring around, the camera in my hand, I got my first surprise....
.... seeds were germinating UNDER the visible plant's traps, not yet rooted .... roots still showing out.

I did suppose it was my duty to save them urgently !

The issue: some plants were under 2mm !!!
I used my electronic's forceps!!

They are small enough for e-components, so they did the job pretty well. The proof is I was able to save 7 of them!!! :-D
This picture is taken one month after the repotting

2022-04-19 23.09.37 (Small).jpg

"Microb" in the white pot was just a seed with 2 leaves at the time I repotted it and the others "in vivo"

I had to take the lighted magnifying stand to work and to see them good enough to not do damage.
No idea if any of them could make it when I did it !!!
now all of them are in a pretty astounding growing rush.
This morning Microb deployed his 5th leaf, and its diameter is now 4mm !!!

Hurra for the Microb !!

Today's picture. Little-finger tip for dimension.

2022-04-25 13.33.24.jpg


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    2022-03-22 12.39.37 (Phone).jpg
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Microb is still 4mm in diameter but now has got 8 traps. I've put some sand around the little ones to give them more light from sun reflection.
Power of the sun ... One leaf is coloring up pretty strong :oops:

Strange as it can be ...
you can see the lowest leaf is close, it snapped on a very very very small fly
... while I was looking !!!

This pic is more or less in the same position then the previous one

2022-05-05 14.25.29.jpg
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It's nice to hear that others also use magnification and fine tweezers when potting up very small plants. ;) I'm looking forward to further updates.