identify a VFT

hello ppl

I got this plant from my good friend greg (aka parasuco) in a trade, and I'm not sure if it's a regular vft or a dente. He doesn't know either, so I'm gonna post the pic for you ppl to see. I'm not really a vft person, so can you help me out?


Thanks a lot.

One of the plants is a sawtooth.It's the one with many short fuzzy teeth .To be more clear it's,the one at the bottom right hand corner.


well Lithopsman.. I came to that conclusion by looking at the hair like things at the edge of the trap with a common they are long with a dente they are short and V like.
Here's a common supplied by our buddies Phil and Jeff....... And here's one of thier dentes


See the differences? now compare to Mindmaze's plant  
Ok I will add my 2 copper..

I don't think they are identifiable at this point.  It is hard to see very much detail in the pictures and the plants are not producing traps up to par.  From what I have seen with a number of the mutants I grow.  They don't always produce characteristic traps.  Plants that are young or plants that are not grown properly may not show their true form.  Even a common may not look common.  

I don't even know how you can see the trap in the lower right clearly enough to conclude it is a sawtooth.  

I am posting a picture of Sharks Teeth.. compare the smaller trap to the larger.
Um. Maybe I should ask one of the ppl with a greenhouse... Phil, Jeff, mike king... someone with loads of light for their VFTs...

Under highler light, don't the cilia generally tend to lose their length? Thats even truer with dente, but dente are more triangular than sorta stubby points. And the one that looks sawtooth. I think its just kuz it is young, mine look like that too.

Joel... I have to say. Wow with those VFTs... Considering the shape they were in when i sent you them, and the way i packaged them... hehehe... They're doin great!
Thanks for the replies every1!

Since some ppl aren't sure from the first pic, I took a few more close up shots of the traps from a few of the plants in the pot.


I'm pretty sure that I have a few regular vfts in the pot, as well as a short toothed vft of some sort. Like tony said though, the plants need a little more time to get in better shape! hehe


What are the main characteristics of the 'sharks teeth' variety?
Here in the UK there is a form called sharks tooth. I grow it but it never produces red traps, just pinkish coloured ones.
The leaves prior to flowering are normal everyday type leaves with long trap hairs. After flowering they start to grow dentate, maybe a little longer than the typical dentate forms.
Ya. REALLY good job. You should see how Isent them to him. I sandwiched them all between two slabs of LFS...
Then. I wrapped them in a bag, and stuffed them into a box.

It was my first CP shipping experience. I do better now. Heh. heh...
Much better pics Joel!

I would say it is pretty clear there that one is a dente of some sort. While the other looks common.

Richard, My Sharks Teeth came from Triffid Park. They do seem to put up both more normal looking traps and traps with the triangular teeth. I have not had them long enough to see a pattern as you suggest with your Sharks Tooth. The picture is from some plants that came in early spring and are not producing summer leaves as they are a little off cycle. A couple plants I got last fall and overwintered are showing upright summer leaves.

Perhaps they are the same and someone turned teeth to tooth or viceversa.. Although that doesn't explain the color.