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I'm new, looking for plants, and I've got questions...

Aug 7, 2021
Hi! I'm new here and don't have any carnivorous plants. But tried to grow some from seed which didn't work. (California pitchers, mixed venus flytrap and mixed sundews) I've been scouting through etsy, and I'm not sure the way to go. But also, I'm considering starting a Carolina 'biotope' (in the somewhat far future as I don'thave the space or money yet... so within 2-3 yrs I'mstill toying with the idea, plans, proccess, and learning curves until then- also, I'mnot sure 'biotope' is the right word, anyway). But I want to create a low-nutrient bog terrarium with a mix of carnivourous plants (no nepenthes, they're too big) and other plants that are found there, or can at least thrive in the conditions. Im talking orchids, flowers, neoregelia bromeliads, the 'ground star' bromeliads, tilandsia airplants, (not sure that'show you spell 'tilandsia') ferns, etc. I'd like to buy some typical 'fairy garden' plants, too. Ivy, wandering jew, nerve plant, prayer plant, pothos, etc. There will also be mosses and lichen. I just mostly want to find plants that will thrive in these conditions, and can closely replicate a sub-tropical bog from the Carolinas, even if most-but not all- plants are native to the Carolinas. I think blue tail or '5 lined' skinks would be a smaller sized, but large enough to not get harmed by the carnivorous plants, species, native to the Carolinas. Another issue I'm running into here though, is that I know carnivorous plants cannot survive in nutrient rich soil, so I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate all the plants. In it, I want Carolina native Sarracenia, butterwort, sundews, and venus fly traps. I'm thinking a 40-50 gallon tank, backgrounds, good drainage, hardscape with cork and branches, springtails, charcoal, etc. So. Does anyone have any tips or ideas on how to make it work? Also, does anyone know where I can find just a few carnivorous plants for fairly cheap, while still being exceptional quality? Sorry I immediately have so many questions! Thanks in advance! ;)
Jun 8, 2021
Well, first things first you're going to want to decide whether your setup will be tropical (constant high temperatures and high humidity) or temperate (generally lower humidity and fluctuating summer to winter temperatures). Many of the plants you listed require one or the other (although some can do either), and plants native to the Carolinas are mostly going to be the latter, so you're going to have to figure out how to get them their dormancy while in the confines of a container. Many bog plants do really poorly long term indoors without strong, STRONG light, too, so that's something to keep in mind. I went with tropical and tropical-tolerant plants in mine for those reasons.

I really like this article for some general hardscape techniques:

One thing I did do with mine was fully bury a pvc tube down the back on each side - it's nice to have for routing power cords and things up without seeing them.
Aug 4, 2008
Besides the point about tropical vs temperate plants, you should consider doing a potted terrarium. This way you can eliminate the issue of different soil requirements, can more easily remove plants for maintenance, and save media. If you want a more natural look you can hide the pots with moss, gravel, and wood pieces