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Individual saucer or tray?

Well, this Droseras will touch each other if I put them in a tray. Aesthetics isn't important to me as long as they are happy. It doesn't really matter if they touch each other right?

Also, water in individual saucers evaporate so quickly.

How do you organize your crazy growing droseras?

Definitely fine together in a tray, or even same pot/tray.

Thank you !! Also I really wanna dive into that pot, looks so comfy
It generally doesn't matter as long as you're prepared to deal with pests that come whenever more than one plant grows in near proximity. I have mine in both individual pots, trays, etc.
I say tray! (this was taken a few weeks ago.) My 'Tray of adelae'.

Definitely fine together in a tray, or even same pot/tray.


Wow! amazing pot of Capensis. I planted my first ever Capensis I got into a large pot like that as well with the intention of having a pot similar to yours, but all the other plants in my collection decided they want to join in. :jester: So now I have Capensis, Burmannii, Venusta, and Binata that dropped seeds into the pot. Guess the wind must have blown them in.
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I sowed the seeds directly into that water tray =) Was my lazy attempt and growing up a bunch at the same time in a little space. It worked great, as you see.