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For the love of Science!
Almost all of my indoor carnivores live in a tropical terrarium in my reptile room. The only exception is my N. alata, who is a lot more tolerant of general household conditions (fluctuating temps and humidity) than my other carnivores.


The terrarium. Husband made the custom hood for it, with lights on timers, and a computer fan to circulate the air. It stays toasty and humid in there.


N. bicalcarata (I have 2 of these, one Brunei orange, and one Sarawak Giant) Both are still small.


N. ampullaria


D. intermiedia. Hardy, likely cuban or other tropical. Sets seeds and I get volunteer sprouts regularly.


D. capensis, with visiting, N bicalcarata.
nice set up. I'm a newbie, I wonder how should the air circulate using a fan? I'm planning to take some ideas from your terra, can I please see your fans on your lights? thanks!
Felmor, I will try to get some pics up soon. My husband made the 'lid' for the terrarium, and did the wiring. If you're handy, it's a fairly simple build.

You'll need wood (we used thin plywood and 2x2s. built frame of 2x2, and covered with ply.)
Ceramic sockets (~$2. each at hardware store) and put 4 sockets in the terrarium.
Wired them to a timer (~$10. visible on front panel) with adjustable increments, and I can increase light by 15 minute increments to give it 'seasons'.
Has one computer fan (we had a spare, but it needed an adapter, which was like $25) on a switch ($6) next to the timer. I only run it once in a while.
Lined the inside with reflective foil tape ($16/roll - would make a dozen terrariums like this)
Bicalcarata is about my favorite nep. But as big as they get as well as their humidity requirement puts them in the "live vicariously through others" category for me.
I don't mind building something nicer for them once they outgrow their current setup (which will be a couple years at this rate, lol.).

My favorite neps are "toothy" neps. Since highlands are out of the question for me (at the moment anyways) I'll have to content myself with Bicalcs until I have a highland terrarium. And then it'll be Hamata and Gymnamphora for me.
Thanks ma'am Dragoness. Yes I'm planning to make one. :D

OT. You got a nice RTB on your avatar ma'am. :)