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Interesting effects....on Cps

Dec 3, 2002
Upper Maryland
After reading a post here about propagating Sundews and Butterworts aquatically, I decided to try something similar myself. I put a P. Primulifora(seedling), 2 D. Muscipula(seedlings), and 2 D. Adelae(leaves) in a glass of water(covered) next to my propagating trays under bright florescent light. After one month, the Vft's have grown a couple leaves, but most interestingly, they both grew huge(for their size) roots. Where as, there were hardly any before. The sundew leaves didn't do much, other than turn red, but the Ping was a big suprise. The two newest leaves were completely transparent green. Although I know some Pings have thin leaves, these leaves weren't any thinner than normal, just clear green. It was cool. I'm going to continue growing these few underwater until they are large enough to take pics of. Next I want to see how a Nep. forms a pitcher underwater. I'll post the results when I find out.