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Is Anyone Growing N. gymnamphora?


sarracenia lover
Does anyone here grow this species? if so, can you give me a lil care info or any other info you have about it that might be useful? I'd love some pics also if at all possible. Thanks beforehand!
The nep store I get my neps from had a couple. They said they were very easy to keep. Usually when I ask the care level, the store owner will say "they're very easy" or "they're like most neps", but if there's anything tricky about them, he might say something like, "they might slow down a bit if they get too cold." So since he just said they were very easy, I'm assuming they are like the average nep as far as care goes. I just ordered two pods of gymnamphora, so I'm interested in feedback from people that are growing it currently.
I ordered 2 pods too. Have my fingers crossed that I can get some to germinate.
I have three plants of N. gymnamphora, and they are indeed very easy, I recommend overpotting them as they can get a good sized root sytem and watch out because they love to basal when they get bigger... Think of them as a highland N. ampullaria ;)
Nice! Thanks SK!
I may be ordering one soon.
Cool. I'd love to see pics when you get it.
Wire Man, Dionae - if you guys want one let me know... we might be able to work something out
In my first Nep collection from 2000 - 2007 I had a N. gymnamphora from Wistuba and that thing never grew bigger than 3" in diameter for me. Once it hit 3" that was it, years later when I gave up my plants it was still only 3"... LOL

In my new collection I have a N. gymnamphora x dubia plant and it's gone from a 6" rosette to a foot tall vine in almost a year so perhaps my N. gymnamphora clone was simply a bad one.
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swords it does vary from plant to plant and grower to grower, my friend has 2 plants with 3 6'+ tall vines and numerous basals.
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I have a terrible time with it too. It did great for a few years when my wife cared for it, and then it got a ton of basals and went downhill. I might take a look at the roots now, perhaps they just need a little more space.
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hi can anyone post actual growing conditions? Predominately highland? What are your temperature ranges?

I have a cutting that just rooted that I am keeping at 75 to 79 day time, 60 to 65 night time.

thank you in advance