Is it okay to give your VFT pond or lake water?


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Hmmm. Good question! I would assume (yeah, yeah, I know what happens when you assume
) that it would depend on your pond/lake. I would recomend that you test the water for minerals and, heaven forbid, CHEMICALS *gag, gasp, hurl*
If the water is "pure" it shouldn't be a problem. Depending on where you live, that could be a really big IF.
I have used water from a local stream for a few years now which no ill effects. If the water is very clear and has run over a non alkaline bedrock it might be ok, but test it for a while on one of your less valuable plants first.
Granted I'm still new to the VFT circle I don't know the exact effects on the plant, however with knoledge I have gathered on other topics I would recomend not useing lake water.

Stream water is typicaly low in minerals and chemicals due to the fact that it is constantly circulateing. Stagnent lake and pond water even though it may still have some fresh water flow, typically it will have a much higher chemical and mineral count. Lakes act as a collecting point for the heavier chemicals and minerals not to mention if there are any fish or birds hangeing out around the lake.

But if you are dead set on useing the water you can always have it tested like the other guys recomended.


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Like most have said here, lake or pond water is iffy mainly because you don't know what's in it. There could be toxins and pollutants that you don't know are in it. To be on the safe side, distilled or rainwater is best.

yeah, my mom works at 2 hospitals, and she brought me home some distilled water in liter jugs, i think they might work well
hey what about if the pond get only rain water and is full of plants and is extremly clear water unless u muck around in it though the only other water it gets is the run off from the ground at my house and we dont use any fertillizer
Without individual experimentation there just is no way this question can be answered. The conditions from lake to lake, pond to pond, stream to stream vary widely in different areas. This is why the best advice is to use rain or distilled water. Experimentation means putting your plants at risk, and Dionaea is one of the most sensitive of all CP genera in regards to water purity.