Is it okay to water it over head with a mist?

Is it okay to water it over head with a mist? Or is that the best way to do it?


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Hey Colin,

It is actually best to water VFTs by setting them in a tray of about 1/2 inch distilled, R/O or rain water.

For more info check out here and here



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Just a differing opinion here...I overhead water and occasionally mist my VFTs (just to rinse dirt off) with no ill effects. But my plants are outside where the air circulation and sunlight is good and they dry off quickly. They are, of course also in saucers of water. They are topwatered only when it looks like the soil is getting a bit dryer than it should be. Topwatering isn't any different than the good rain Mother Nature provides.

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I do exactly what plantakis said and my plants are doing absolutly great but like kiss said there is plenty of circulation when I mist

I belive that if all u do is mist all your doing is promoting MOLD also the roots dont get much of the water



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I flood my VFTs planter with water so they are sitting in about an inch of water. When the excess water finally sinks into the soil, I use a mister to clean any debree from the leaves left by flooding the pot. Been doing it this way for years and my plants have never had crown rot or any other fungal problems.
Occasional top watering is good: it leaches out any accumulated salts or nutrients. I use both overhead and tray watering for my outdoor plants. The topwatering helps cool the roots when the plants are in full sun as I keep them. I occasionally mist the plants, esp. on windy, hot days.