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Is it time to repot my Sarracenia?


Mr Masonix

I'm pretty new here!

I bought a bag of soil, and i have dried Sphagnum moss, not live but blocks that swell as crazy when i wet them.

I'm thinking, my Sarracenia which i have had for about 4 weeks seems to be a bit big for it's pot.

Is it ok, or should i repot it into a bigger one, i have read that it is pretty big risks to move them because of sensitive roots.

I have it like on this image,
one of the lights in the middle is a plant light, but the otherone is plain led.
I have ordered real plantlights, 2 of them which will arrive next week and then i will use them instead.
It's on about 12 hours per day, becuase Sweden is totally black this time of year, only a few hours of light each day.

Fed the plant with 3 maggots a couple of days ago, i will wait a couple of weeks before giving it anything else, but i have noticed that it has catched a few very small bananaflies which i did'nt even know we had in the house during winter.

I wonder if this soils is ok for it too, or if it is mostly for flytraps:
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The Sarracenia probably could use a repot, but at this time of year it should also be dormant, not growing actively under lights (which on another note it's probably good you're getting new lights too, as the bulb types like you show are not good for the most part, often being warm and not covering much space); same goes for the Dionaea I spy. When the plants are dormant it is safer to repot them as they will not experience as much shock, but Sarracenia are not as sensitive to root disturbance as, say, Drosophyllum or Byblis, or even the more sensitive sundews, so they recover fairly quickly.
The bag of soil you show, I have never seen before, so can't comment on the quality. If it mentions anything about added fertilizers or other chemicals, though, it won't work.
The pot size doesn't look too bad to me, though you could go up a size if you want to. I've seen pictures of Sarracenia growing roots down the outside of pots and eventually cracking the whole pot open when they get too large, but your plant is nowhere near that point. Sarracenia are quite tough plants and handle root disturbance well generally though I've been told certain varieties can be temperamental (your plant is not one of those to my knowledge.)
Hi Guys,

Big thanks for your answers and advice! I really appreciate it!

I bought both the Dionea and the Sarracenia about 3 weeks ago and i started to try to plant some Drosera seeds as you see on the image below, interesting to see if i manage to sprout any of those.

But back to the Sarracenia, i have read about the dormancy period that they need, and i have heard that you can "move" the dormancy for up to a year without harming the plants, that's why i thought i'd put them under light and start growing them until next autumn. I do have an EXCELLENT food storage room, my house is old so it's a chellar where i plan to put both the flytrap and Sarracenia in with some light completion. In there i have around 5° Celcius this time of year. Do you recommend i do that now although i have had them warm, or is it better to have them like this, and let them enjoy Swedish summer perhaps outside for a bit, and then move them after the summer ti get them into phase?
Since they're growing now, don't force them into dormancy. If they came from a local store or similar they are probably not on the proper cycle just yet, so when temperatures start dipping and light decreases next fall they'll go dormant on their own. The suggestion of skipping dormancy in such a manner is reserved mainly for new seedlings or plants that have been growing out of sync, such has this, but skipping dormancy for more than one year is to be avoided.