It’s a trap!
Just a heads up on Perlite. I use to get my perlite from Lowes, but they no longer carry the brand I normally buy. They now have the Miracle Grow brand and it contains fertilizers. So, watch your labels and make sure the perlite has no fertilizer in it.
Ok, I bought some Canadian Spagnum Peat Moss, Perlite, pots and some coffee filters.  Hopefully, I'll be able to plant them tonight.

I've seen anywhere between 50/50 and 70/30 Peat Moss and Perlite? How much does it matter?
Alrighty, I planted my seeds. I started with a 4" pot, with some coffee filters lining the very bottom. I proceeded with a 50/50 mix at the bottom half and gradually moved to almost 100% peat at the top. I poured some distilled water through it to moisten it, and then put my four tiny seeds (dang they are small) onto the top and dropped a drop of water on top of them for safe measures.

I covered it with a plastic bag with holes in it to help retain moisture.

I guess all there is now to do is wait...about how long till I will be able to see activity?

Also, I'm waiting till dormancy to move my other plants to a large pot...I can't let all this soil go to waste.


apple rings.. what more can i say?
Sounds like you are doing everything pretty well!

You should get something in about six weeks!

Good luck!


apple rings.. what more can i say?
I know, I know. I feel the exact same way with my seeds that I planted two and a half weeks ago. ONLY TWO AND A HALF MORE WEEKS TO GO FOR ME! WOOHOO!!! LOL! Well, your time will come. Don't worry. Just be patient, give them TLC, and... "Life will find a way."

P.S. Check out my post entitled "My vft seedling journal" for continuous updates on the seeds


apple rings.. what more can i say?
Whoops... my big error for the day. It's not six weeks. It's 2-3 weeks. I found that out in the chatroom just now. STUPID MEEEE!!! ***hits head incessantly*** Where the HECK did I get "six weeks"?!
*gives FlyTrapgirl some aspirin and a pillow*

Don't feel bad, I'm sure the seeds weren't going to listen to you anyways.  


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I just sowed my seeds a few days ago. I din't have any spare pots and I ran out of moss/sand planting my D. rotundifolia, so I sowed them with some of my other plants. Two in each of my S. Leuco pots, one with my big purp, and one with my drosera (don't worry, I have pots now and I plan to order more soil soon). I can;t wait for them to sprout!
Mat_man444-Not quite true there fellow.
Long leaves form when the plant lacks good light or when it's summer, not small pots. In Jhaluska's case, it's summer. If the leaves r long because of lack of light, the plant's leave(petioles) should be unsturdy and floppy. There are other exeptions to long leaves to. That is if you have a southwest giant, dingley's giant, spider, or erecta.

Edit:replying from p.1

I've used the miracle grow peat bags and perlite my plants seemed to grow faster and healthier (atleast my young vfts)
I saw no negative effect on them. though I don't recommend anyone chance it I only used it because I had no alternative
(within riding distance)