Is my plant dead


It's been one of dem days
 As you are in the UK, try the CPUK forum.  Someone there may be able to help you.  There's also a gentleman there by the name of Plantsman who is selling a peat free compost mix that you might check into if you can't find sphagnum peat moss.

Check the bags of peat lable of contents to see if it is New Zealand or Canadian sphagnum peat moss. Both are good. You may be able to get long fiber sphagnum (LFS) instead. It's unshreaded shagnum moss. Sphagnum is sometimes called spagnum in the UK, I have noticed. Hope this helps.
Not meaning to brag but my vft is still alive!!! Looks like it might make it out of dormancy...I will see if I can post picture sometime this week.
*knocks on wood* Watch it dies next week
go to the garden section of a super store. Go look by the perlight and other soil additives. See the bag labled Sphagnum peat, buy that, grab the perlight while your their, mix it up and use that as your soil.

Please note, do not change how you waterd! If you overwater that plant in the winter it WILL get root rot and die. In fact, it is probubly your light watering that kept it alive at all.

CHANGE THAT SOIL! You should have no problem finding sphagnum peat. It's the word moss that throws people off, they think you want a moss, not a soil base.
ok finally managed to find the peat moss and its all repotted.
cheers to the above for their help:-