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Is there a carnivorous plant that you obsess over finding in habitat?


Agent of Chaos
Some of us (myself included) love to go out into the wetlands and see carnivorous plants in their natural habitat. Some are found everywhere (Drosera capillaris) but others are quite rare.

Is there a rare one that you look for?

Personally, I've been going nature hiking for 15 years and I'm always looking for Pinguicula and never find them. I've seen Sarracenia, Drosera, Utricularia, etc. But never Pinguicula.
I'm currently obsessing over finding the last few New England species I have yet to see..... D.linearis, D. x anglica, P.vulgaris, U.ochroleuca, U.radiata and U.resupinata. I found U.minor and U.striata but I've never seen them in flower so I guess I can add those to the list as well. Hoping to knock at least 2 more off the list before winter.
I would like to see some carnivorous plants native to the Great Lakes region I have not come across yet such as D. linearis, D. anglica, U. minor, U. purpurea, U.resupinata. I would especially like to see S. purpurea subsp. purpurea f. heterophylla
Well in the next month or so I will be going to northern California, where I hope to find Utricularia macrorhiza, Utricularia minor, and Utricularia ochroleuca. I've never seen wild CPs in the US before though.
The Man-Eating Tree of Madagascar.
The Man-Eating Tree of Madagascar.

+1 on that one. I was sold on the description:

"From the top of the tree sprout long hairy green tendrils and a set of tentacles, constantly and vigorously in motion, with ... a subtle, sinuous, silent throbbing against the air. [Presented a woman as offering], the slender delicate palpi, with the fury of starved serpents, quivered a moment over her head, then as if instinct with demoniac intelligence fastened upon her in sudden coils round and round her neck and arms; then while her awful screams and yet more awful laughter rose wildly to be instantly strangled down again into a gurgling moan, the tendrils one after another, like great green serpents, with brutal energy and infernal rapidity, rose, retracted themselves, and wrapped her about in fold after fold, ever tightening with cruel swiftness and savage tenacity of anacondas fastening upon their prey . . ."
Does the green chick from the original "Star Trek" count?

There wasn't, but now that you made me think about it for a second there is (thanks for adding to my obsessions!!).
It would have to be U. resupinata.

In fact, I'd even be quite happy to see it grown in captivity. Never laid eyes on it—not once since I got interested in utrics in the late 90s...
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Which one?




I'm thinking a little group of the three would be acceptable
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I want to find Pinguicula macroceras… I've already found D. rotundifolia and Darlingtonia!
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Id love to see neps and some of the droseras like queensland and whooly ones
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Good chance of a dose of thrips off the middle one
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They blew her up on Channel 64 yesterday corky.
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FredG: You might be indeed surprised! Lieutenant Uhura (AKA Nichelle Nichols) is now 83 years old! BTW, Lt. Uhura and Capt. Kirk are cited as the first example of an interracial kiss on U.S. television (1968).
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Well, I found my "Holy Grail" of native New England carnivorous plant species yesterday...........

Utricularia resupinata

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