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Looking For (trade) ISO pings trade

Oct 30, 2016
Washington state - 7b
I’m considering an overseas ping purchase but am curious if any of my wishlist might be achievable through state-side trades. If you have any of the following and would be open to discussing a trade, please send me a PM. Below are the pings I am interested in, and then a list of those that I have to offer in return. If you might accept a non-ping in trade, check out my growlist and if something appeals, I’ll see what we can work out.

Some pings I’d like to find:

  • P. debbertiana (metallic purple)
  • P. BCP ‘Golden Eye’
  • P. ANPA A
  • P. colimensis
  • P. crassifolia
  • P. medusina
  • P. ehelersiae 'Victoria'

Some pings I have an extra (or couple extras) of:

  • P. ‘Sethos’
  • P. laueana x emarginata
  • P. ‘Sethos’ x gypsicola
  • P. ‘Gina’
  • P. imposter (term coined by and borrowed from H. Carlton). Pic of flower is here. The color is really vibrant on this one, and nice flower shape.
  • P. moctezumae
  • P. ehlersiae albiflora
  • P. 'John Rizzi' (false)
  • P. laueana
  • P. 'Huahuapan' (these will be ready in a couple weeks/months - had a division that went awry and now I have a ton of sprouted leaf pullings)

I’d also be happy to do leaf pulls of any plant I have (see my growlist), and talk about a later trade once I can mature a trade-size plant.
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