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It keeps going and going...

Wow, my sandersonii 'white' just keeps flowering and flowering! Spectacular! On the other hand, the 'blue', same soil, same light, same water, does nothing. Go figure, huh? My praelonga also seems to be growing rather vigorously, but no signs of scapes (not that I would expect them in fall). I'll post a photo of the sandersonii later today, I think.
That is 100% exactly my experience! Do you have U. livida? That is another that keeps going, especially that sp. 2 stuff that Copper has.
I have a U. livida and yes, it flowers constantly! It also loves to spread. It's taking over my classic terrarium!
You sent me some livida a while back, but for no reason I could figure, it went to the bog in the sky. But that's ok, that sandersonii makes me smile every time I see it. I'll get that photo up today.
lol the two forms of sandersonii can be frustrating if your growing both side by side. in my experiance the blue form was easy to flower, till my plant stand collapsed and took out both of them. from what i saw with the blue form is that it was as easy to flower but it had far fewer flowers in the pot than the normal form. my normal form would have over 100 flowers in a 3 inch pot and the blue form would have maybe a dozen flowers in a same size pot. i had mine under the same light i was growing my sundews and it recieved a 10 degree ore more drop in temps most every night.
[b said:
Quote[/b] (rattler_mt @ Oct. 31 2005,3:05)]in my experiance the blue form was easy to flower
Sheridan leads an enchanted life with this plant!

I've had a whopping two flower stalks from the blue, with teardrop buds - but I never actually saw a flower.

Here's a lousy picture of the white form:

I'd love to get my hands on a U. sandersonii. Do you guys know of any websites that sell them?
Sell? A number of us can give ya a pinch! I certainly can.
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Quote[/b] (jimscott @ Oct. 31 2005,1:12)]Sheridan leads an enchanted life with this plant!
just relaying what ive noticed Jim
i did nothing special for it. it bloomed without any help what so ever from me. it just liked my kitchen. now you have me curious as to whether i still have it. ill have to look tonight.
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Now how would one going about getting this "pinch"?

Would some begging be in order?
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Send me a PM and we'll hash out the details!