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Wow looking great! I'm jealous.. all I have is a 20gal lol.. What's that stacking dew that I see in there? Slackii?


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Brie - Yes, the stacking slackii. There's one clone of it out there that I know of. I wonder if it's done the same. Thanks.

Mickey - It is certainly a big improvement. 'Glad we made the deal. Thanks.


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Thagirion, Exo, Dexenthes - thank you for your words of encouragement. ;) It certainly makes it all easier.


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Looking awesome! Love the PVC pipe idea. Thanks for sharing how to deal the bottom too. I was about to ask. Love the look!


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Barrel Bog Garden

Because of much encouragement from DJ I have finally set up a small bog garden. The container is one of the molded plastic "barrel halves" that go for around $20, mine bought at Home Depot. With about 1.5 cubic feet of peat mixed with sand and some perlite it was ready to go.

From the top (22" across):

The whole thing from the side:


This is an exciting new direction for me. I'm hoping this one corner of my shady backyard will have enough light to keep everything healthy. More pics to follow.
I missed the 2nd update on page 2. Is that a big ol' D. hilaris I see in that tank?
I also noticed you're growing South American dews in with the petiolaris dews. How long have the two been happily growing side by side? That's amazing to me.. :hail:


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Mass - The tall tree-looking thing is D. slackii. 'Gets crazier-looking all the time but is obviously happy. Keeping the petiolaris 'dews going in the cool-at-night terrarium was a tough balance and I had all but the paradoxa go dormant in the end. Happily they are all now in their own 'hot tank' and thriving.

DJ - I guess it is good that you've warned me. Do you suppose I could buy the barrels in case-lots? :)


Very nice, Mark! Not sure how I missed this entire thread until now, but at least I can finally see your grow area.


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That Slakii sure is odd the way it is growing tall like that, very cool

Thanks, orlenz. I will post some more pics of it soon. Very cool avatar pic you've got there. D. ordensis?

A Few More


The Flytrap Corner. The upright plant is an acclimated 'Dente' while all the others have been terrarium-grown and recently divided.


A grouping of D. filiformis 'Florida Giant'



Plantlets formed on leaf cuttings of Drosera graomogolensis.