It's raining, it's pouring

So, as I mentioned in yesterdays topic, my plants are (were) doing great! Until the rain came last night. It POURED! Well, my plant mixture is completely flooded, and and my VFT's are swamped! What do I do? I took the water tray out from underneath, figuring for a day or so, and I assume this happens in nature, but my traps have peat moss all over them. Do I spray them w/ a water bottle? Sould I bring my plants indoors before the rain comes next time? (I live in NY by the way). Should I just not be concerned?

Thanx for any advise.


Nah don't stress it like you said it has to happen in natural setting also.
Spraying with a water bottle works great. I would either bring them in next time or put them under some sort of cover where they won't get pelted by big ole rain drops.
Mmmm i had mine completely hammered by rain about four months ago-i noticed the traps that had peat moss in them rotted after a while but after the plant got over the shock from it it really picked up. Just make sure that not too much peat got into its centre where the leaves come from but apart from that i don't see any reason why they should not recover. Also don't let this one bad experiance with the rain stop you from completely putting it out in the rain either, allow it to get rain but not really heavy stuff.


Just make sure its not raining hard enough to trigger the traps even if they don't close all the way they are still using energy and the traps are limited on how many times they can open and close.


you could try putting a fine mesh covering over them. It lets more than enough sunlight in, and it would also slow down raindrops under it to a trickle.