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I've been doing well!

Aug 2, 2020
This is great! My plants love aquarium lighting, according to finnex ( the light company I'm using) it has 7,000k LEDs red blue LEDs and they absolutely grow like dandelions with tons of colors! The jaws is almost purple colored, the typical(s) are growing well the bigger typical grew a flower I pinched the head off when it was very small still... The baby division that once had 2 traps only is growing vigorously and into a nice rosette due to these lights lotsa colors too, the b52 has been around for 7 months now... But 12 years of trial and error has really payed off! 18-19 hours of light a day and they grow too nicely for me constantly sitting in water and change the sphagnum moss every time it grows algae, I feed them these annoying ants and glue, the b52 is of course a fly slaying ninja! I'm going to include some pictures too! 😜


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