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Just a couple new pics

Here's a pair of hanging uppers from my N. aristolochioides x thorelii the open one is 12 cm high. I inspected the growing tip today and it appears to me that a small set of flowers will be emerging in the coming weeks!

Here's a 18 cm high upper N. eustachya (red x white form) pitcher it's tendril has twinded around my Cirhopetallum / anthurium scandens hanging mount.

Hopefully nobodys bored of N. inermis yet... here's another upper with an even more extreme flare:


Hope you dig em!
Nice pics! I especialy like the N. inermis-it`s so dainty looking. Thanks for sharing:)
Hi Josh
As always your plants are amazing,and theres no way we are ever going to get bored of seeing them so keep posting

Bye for now julian

Good stuff, man! Hopefully someone will be able to cross with you-I think that would be a fun hybrid no matter what the other contributer is.


Hi Josh,
Wonderful photos! Have you noticed that the aristolochioides x thorelli uppers don't need support to form? It seems that mine is that way. Just curious...
I don't know Lithops, my highland tank is so overgrown now that each tendtril of this plant seems to find support from other tendrils, stems, the hanging nets, etc...! I took the pic of those aristo x thor pitchers by zooming my lense through an opening between leaves and tendrils of the N. hamata, fusca and ramispina plants!