Just received my In vitro VFTs

What I mean is how long will it be/should it be before I can deflask them? I know they must be hardened off in a nearly sealed terrarium (one of my lowland nepenthes tanks will be providing the condions).
Do ex-vitro (?) VFTs require a winter dormancy or should they be grown for a year or two then started on a dormancy cycle? They're so tiny with 1/8" traps (the D capilaris however have flowered and produced seedpods in their flask-I assume they're ready to come out?)

Thanks for any tips with one of my new experiments!


It's been one of dem days
Hi swords,
I can't help you with the deflasking question but on the dormancy they won't need it untill next year. I can't remember where I read that on the forum. But it was something to the effect that most VFT's purchased in stores where TC plants and had not developed a dormancy pattern yet.

Take care,
hey thanks!