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Wire Man

Sphagnum Guru
I have a pot full of Kalanchoe diagremontiana that I need to clean. They grow surprisingly quick under intense lighting. I will send each person 5 or more well started plants.

Here's what I'm looking for;
-tropical Drosera, excluding adelae, capensis, and burmannii
-pygmy Drosera, excluding roseanna
-terrestrial Utricularia, excluding graminifolia
-Nepenthes ramispina
-N. alba
-N. glabrata
-N. maxima varieties.

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Wow! That seems to be one of the only things to come out of Madagascar that isn't easily wiped out at all.
I know! This thing is bullet proof, metaphorically and possibly literally! I'm going to try to get a photo of the pot they're growing in, which is completely full.
"This plant is distinguished by its ability to propagate via vegetative propagation. All parts of the plant are poisonous, which can even be fatal if ingested by infants or small pets."

Interesting. Make sure you don't eat it.