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Keith's Photos

Great looking plants and nice photos! I have often mistaken D. capensis x spatulata for D. hilaris. It does look like an extremely broad-leaved capensis.

Congrats on your position with the ICPS, Shortbus! You are generous to give your time in this way. I feel that we who love the CP hobby are indebted to those of you who serve the Society. For those who may not know - they are often here among us on this forum.
True story! Thanks for your kind words blue! The D. slackii in the photos came from you. They are bigger than a fifty cent piece now. Thanks again!
Nice pics shortbus. Really nice colour on the ceph , I was thinking of doing a community pot with cephalotus and D.hamiltonii , and seeing yours has made it a must
'Fun photo! You seem to get more depth of field in this one than I get when I do close-ups.
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Still photographically ignorant, so here's a few blurry pics I just took. Not as easy as I remember using my cheap little digital camera. :p
Also FYI if I know what it is exactly I will label it, otherwise genus will have to suffice.

Butterworts working overtime on the front steps.

S. "Fat Chance" also shares the front steps.

The front step.

The back yard gets a bit more sun so mist of the Sarrs are out there. Lost a few over winter during a move, but the ones I am most attached to made it. A.S. is just starting to get out of pouting mode so no pics there.

S. 'Lady Bug' is reminding me why it was on my must have list!

And sundews are popping just about everywhere.

Indoors, Drosera prolifera is finally coming out of it's death throes.

Drosera slackii is getting bigger.

Some tuberous seedlings have popped. D. hookeri maybe?

Last but not least, I got some VFT's in the mail today. A yellow variety, Leo Song's 'Jaws', and 'Korean Melody Shark' (what an ugly VFT! I love it!)