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Hope everyone is having a great summer. I know my plants are really enjoying the summer weather. I finally got around to compiling a trade list over the weekend and was wondering what others might have to trade. Please drop me a line (pm or email, ellisonk001@hawaii.rr.com (preferred)) if you see anything you might be interested in and want more details or pictures. I am looking primarily for nepenthes, but pings and sundew are always a possibility.

albomarginata, green
ampullaria, seed grown, green spotted
khasiana xx Dreamy Koto = khasiana x (thorelii x veitchii)
maxima x alata
maxima x talangensis
mirabilis, seed grown (red and green)
mirabilis var globosa, seed grown
mirabilis x alata
mirabilis x tiger, seed grown
mirabilis x tobiaca
tobaica x mirabilis
viking x mirabilis
x banta #1 = khasiana xx emmarene = khasiana x (khasiana x ventricosa)
x black grabilis = mirabilis winged x gracilis nigrpurpurea
x Black Knight = ventricosa x ramispina
x effulgent koto = mirabilis x thorellii
x emotional koto = thorelii xx wrigleyana = thorelii x (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x ampullaria))
x harelliana Rouge = (( mirabilis * thorelii) * mirabilis red) * (thorelii * ((northiana * maxima) * (rafflesiana * veitchii)))
x Holland Hybrid (colorful alata)
x leesii = mirabilis "Thai Gold" xX Mixta Superba
x lilli = margaretea xx khasiata = (kampotiana x ventricosa) x (khasiana x (ventricosa x alata))
x Maggie Jones = kampotiana x ventricosa
x margaretea = kampotiana x ventricosa
x Miranda
x outramiana xx splendiana = ((ampullaria X rafflesiana) x (gracilis X khasiana)) x [smilesii (or kampotiana) x mirabilis]
x red leopard = maxima x ventricosa
x sheridaniana = ventricosa x (anamensis x maxima)
x trichocarpa = ampullaria x gracilis
x ventrata



Updated 22 July
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