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Killer Monkeys

x neocarn #3 12.2.20.jpgP1030306.JPG
My Monkey Flowers discussed in my earlier Primitive Carnivory Analyzed thread (Quasi Carnivores forum) are most like butterworts so might prove popular in this forum. There are no butterworts in my home area of Southern California but we do have some lovely and interesting Monkey Flowers. Some are even more dewy than butterworts. You can see in my seedling photo the classic rainbow sheen like in Byblis. The plants are worth growing for their flowers alone. Flower photoed last weekend in the wild at a place I often hike. I always have to remember to tell people: Those red spots in the mouth, —they are not really blood.
I remember being taught in outdoor school in California that you could use monkey flower leaves as a 'natural band-aid' due to their stickiness. Some species certainly produce lots of mucilage. I've always loved the flowers.
Funny, thanks bluemax. Over the weekend I saw these beauties while out hiking, Bush Monkeyflower. Hummingbirds were busy. I noticed the leaves had many fly specks. I guess it’s a bonus left by insects visiting the flowers.

orange monkey 4.22.22.JPGmonkey fly specks.JPG