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Large Nepenthes singalana x spectabilis BE-3602

Mar 22, 2016
Hi all,
I have a large N. singalana x spectabilis I'm looking to trade. I got it two years ago at the NECPS show. Back then it had a 4-5 inch leaf span, now it is starting to vine and is nearly 2 feet long. While it is extremely robust and has flowered for me (it's a male), I've never been able to get it to pitcher. I suspect the humidity in my house is too low. It looks like it is starting to form some basals.


Basals starting to form:

Here is a link to the BE photo of what the pitchers should look like: http://www.be-wholesale.com/galinc/hybrids/BE-3602.jpg

Let me know if anyone is interested in a trade. I'll ship bare root and will cover my shipping costs to you. I'll consider any interesting offers in return, but am most interested in Cephalotus, Nepenthes and Heliamphora. You can find my grow list in my signature. USA only please.

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