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Last minute addition: S. oreophila X Leah Wilkerson - purpcrazyinNH $55

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For auction, half the contents of this pot of one-year-old Sarracenia oreophila X Leah Wilkerson seedlings. Bidding starts at $5.00, winning bidder pays shipping (small flat rate USPS box)
Addendum: if the winning bid for these exceeds $20, I will also include at least 20 seedlings of a cross of S. Moorei (unknown provenance, but nice clone) X S. Adrian Slack!

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Update: I have added an incentive to the item in an addendum to the original listing, see above.
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@purpcrazyinNH: please conclude this auction item - I need to get these seedlings dealt with promptly, thanks.
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@Whimgrinder check sent to Emily today, not sure how to send postage to you
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check sent to Emily today, not sure how to send you postage and delivery info
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Payment received by NASC. Thank you!! :)
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I will get this shipped soon. Thanks.
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Auction closed.
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