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LD(location data) Plants #1 DroseraBug $35

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Hort. School dropout X 2
As some of you know, I assumed stewardship of Bugweed"s extensive collection several years ago. Now you all know.LOL
The past couple of days, I have divided and repotted 1/4 of his collection.
Now if I kept the labels straight,and I went to gr8 extremes to do this and figure out the faded labels. Since the plants are jest coming out of dormancy i can't ID them properly. if anyone wins one of these plants and it is not what I said it is .I will make it right when I can really ID these plants.
USA only, Please!
Raccoon Ridge Nursery will pay the postage and shipped by priority mail.
BTW these are really healthy looking smallish looking rhizomes. Please don't feel ripped off when you receive them as I remove all parts of old pitchers have been forcibly removed for 2 reasons.1st,This decreases the chance of transmitting little hitchhikers.AKA aphids mealy bugs etc 2nd I believe,wounding the rhizome encourages pup formation.

Also for brevity, I will not repeat all this info with each plant.

Okay Number one is:
S. rubra ssp. wherryi from Bud Wilkerson Bog
Plant shipped today.
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Got it Thanks.
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