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Leaf cutting

This was a very simple one to sort out.

The leaves on the Daphne were having chunks cut out of them. I was working just outside the Darlingtonia house and these pieces of cut leaves, accompanied by a Leaf-cutter Bee, kept landing on my shoulder. She was then flying to the Bee Hotel and depositing the leaves.
In the bottom photo she has entered the third hole that isn't capped. There are other capped holes none as yet in the bamboo.


The holes in use were drilled @8mm.
You sure it wasn't a crazy neighbor with a hole-punch?
Very cool. I have Mason bees around my yard, have not seen any leaf-cutter bees though. I bought a mason bee house with cocoons years ago and have had them around ever since.
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You sure it wasn't a crazy neighbor with a hole-punch?

My neighbours do not sit on my shoulder. Besides I'd recognise them if they did.
I've never heard of leaf cutter bees. That's pretty interesting.