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For Trade Leah Wilkersons

Sep 19, 2011
Westminster, CO
Hello all. I have the enviable distinction of having too many Leah Wilkerson Sarracenia this year. I am looking to trade them for something else. I am interested in other Sarracenia, darlingtonia, fly traps, highland or intermediate Nepenthes and Heliamphora. The plant I have are large rhizome, multiple growth point, blooming or near blooming size currently growing in 1 gallon pots. As it is still winterish here in Colorado they are dormant and I have clipped off last years pitchers as well as dead parts of the phylodia on them. They do have deep red tiny crowns where new growth will be emerging from. I have 4 of these plant to trade so let me know what you have that you think would be an equal trade and once we agree we will each pay to ship our plant to the other person. I don’t know about international shipping of these plants so I would like to keep the trade within the US, thank you and sorry to those that this doesn’t work for.

This is one of the plants, the others are roughly the same size give or take. Thank you.29278F4A-9106-4C58-954B-CE62248AB67A.jpeg