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Led grow lights for intermediate and highland neps


Jul 19, 2019
I live in Iowa so I can accurately say that winters suck here. I want to be prepared before I have to worry about that and get a sufficient grow light for my neps. I have one intermediate (Maxima x Vogelii) and two highland (inermis x bongso) and a papau New Guinea clone. I would prefer to get an led grow light over any other type just bc of energy efficiency and I have read that there is less of a chance of leaf burn. I don’t think I need it to be very wide because I would just need it to be able to cover a long shelf.

Also, I would be putting this above (or attached) to a long windowsill or shelf in my living room. I know most disclaimers say not to look at the lights but I have a toddler. Do you think a higher wattage light will work or would I have to make a lower wattage one work??

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any advice I can get.
Aug 4, 2008
The higher powered LED panel lights are definitely not something you want to look at, they're very bright. They work very well but if you just have it hanging out in the open it may be unpleasant to be near all the time. As for burning, these LED panels will burn a plant just like any other very powerful light source will. They don't have any special antiburning properties.
Aug 21, 2017
SF East Bay Area, CA zone 9b
I’m using CHEAP Yescom White LED Panels in my greenhouses over my Neps. $25 on Amazon. 22 Watts



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Sep 1, 2017
Going to go ahead and agree that high powered LEDs are not the way to go with Nepenthes. If you're dead set on an LED, this light (https://opticledgrowlights.com/products/optic-1-veg-cob-led-grow-light) would be probably ideal for one or two Nepenthesat a specific distance. It's full spectrum and isn't one of those hideous purple LEDs. A smaller 13 watt 5000K equivalent LED that outputs over 1000 lumens with a brooder as a fixture would also be fine for one plant (and would be cheaper as well). That type of light you can just get a Lowes and home depot. I use the 13 watt bulbs for VFTs and sundews in a spacetank at about 8 inches above the plants and I've had success with them but the plants need to be around the size of an adult cape sundew and you need a bulb for each plant. With both types of lights, you'd have to experiment with the distance. Stay away from the Mars hydro, viparspectra, maxisun type of grow lights. They're very powerful and would likely fry most Nepenthes if you put them too close since many species tend prefer partial sun as opposed to intense sunlight.
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