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Getting There...
Short story, but about a month ago I acquired my first ping, and aphrodite, a month or so ago.

While having noticed a gnat around my grow rack here and there in the past, I never thought of them as much of a problem. However, the little hunter aphrodite has covered it's leaves in 50+ gnats over the past month and is keeping them at bay I hope!

Anyways, having found I can at least keep them happy so far, I'm looking to trade for some other types. Currently, have N. mirabilis seedlings 1-2 inches across that are starting to put on some size, a variety of succulent pullings with growth, some common-er drosera seedlings, and possible a stem cuttign of N. spectabilis x talangensis.

If anyone is interested, just post here or PM me and we can try working something out!

Thanks, and happy growing,

Anything in particular you are looking for? What Drosera do you have available?