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Well its that time of year again where the temperates will be starting to come out of dormancy and Im looking to continue to build my dionaea collection. Here is a list of the Dionaea i am looking to aquire. Please pm me with trades or possible leads as to where i maybe able to find these. Thank you and happy growing.

Bear Trap
Blood Red
Burbanks Best
Clumping Cultivar
Gold Strike
Justina Davis
Red Pirahna
Yellow Orange

Thanks for taking the time to read over this post and possibly help me in my conquest.
Hey Hazedshaman,

I've got extras of the following:

Burbanks Best
Clumping Cultivar
Justina Davis
Red Pirahna

I've got about 25-30 other cultivars and am always looking for those I don't have. Let me know what you've got for trade.

Wow must be nice to live in a warm climate. Im looking at -05 F for a high this week, my plants will not be starting to come out for another 3 months
Good luck on your search
ryan we live in the same state. lol. only thing is i take them out of dormancy on Feb 1st and have a special grow chamber for them which they seem to love. i did this last year and everything turned out nice.
except i live in the adk mtns where the lakes are froze till end of april and snow half way throught the month, half the mountains hold snow till middle of june
i live in saranac lake ny
Top ten spots for the most days from 1995 to 2005 with the lowest temperature in the contiguous US Location Days
Stanley, Idaho 398
West Yellowstone, Montana 337
Gunnison, Colorado 170
Truckee, California 161
Alamosa, Colorado 142
Saranac Lake, New York 128
Jackson, Wyoming 109
Berlin, New Hampshire 92
Fraser, Colorado 91
Wisdom, Montana 91
Lol nice. Yeh I remeber thhe one year we went up to visist my aunt and we went to look at the ice castle they built. There were fish frozen right into the ice.. I think that's insane... ill give it to ya it is cold up there...just just finlllystarted to get snow here in central new york. Few dusyings but nothing serious until yesterday, they had caalled for 4 to 8 ninches and it turned into 2 plus feet. Lol not to mention its a lovely _ -6 out right now nd its suppose to hit -15 2nite..... mn I can't wait until actual spring....